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    Developer corner

Frigate provides a powerful API for expanding existent and adding new functionality. Almost every key part of Frigate is comprised of separate modules. This allows you to download only the required components, saving your disk space and reducing overall download times.


Header units and examples for Delphi 6.0 are listed below.
In order to minimize the module size and the number of routine operations we recommend compiling modules with RTL and VCL packages included.
If you want your modules to comply with Frigate interface style, we recommend using the following libraries:
Header files - frigate_intf.rar (31.82 Kb)
An example of a simple text editor - frigate_simpleedit.rar (53.73 Kb)
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Did you know...

Frigate can continue copying the file even after a break (extremely useful when copying films or any other huge files)

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