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Frigate Hot Keys


File manager

File selection
Insert, Spacebar Insert/Ņut selection
Ctrl A Select/Unselect all
Num+ Select files using wildcards (Numeric keypad plus)
Ctrl Num+ Select files of current group
Num- Deselect files using wildcards (Numeric keypad minus)
Ctrl Num- Unselect files of current group
Num* Invert file and folder selection
Ctrl Num* Invert file selection
Shift+Arrows Select a range of files
Ctrl Num/ Restore last selection


Alt F1 Change drive in left browser
Alt F2 Change drive in right browser
Ctrl PageUp, BackSpace Go to folder above
Ctrl \ Go to root drive
Alt BackSpace Go to previous directory
Ctrl Left/Right Arrow Navigation in drive bar

File operations

F5 Copy selected files to companion browser
F6 Move selected files to companion browser
Shift F6, F2 Rename file or folder
F7 Make a new folder
F8, Del Move selected files to the recycle bin or delete selected files (tuned)
Alt+E Set file attributes
Ctrl+C Copy selected files to clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste files from the clipboard


Ctrl F Show FTP List
Ctrl Shift F Quick Connect to FTP


F3 Extract current file in temp dir and view it
F8 Delete selected files
Shift F1 Pack selected files
Shift F2 Unpack current archive to companion browser
Ctrl PageDown Enter in SFX(exe) archive or any other archive with an extraodinary extension


Tab Activate the companion panel
F3 on dir Calculate folder size
Ctrl H Show\hide hidden files
Alt E Set or view file attributes
Ctrl D Compare directories
Alt B Change file sort
Ctrl+F11 Create new file manager
Ctrl Ins Copy to full file name to clipboard
Ctrl Shift Ins Copy to only file name to clipboard

Editor Hot Keys

Block operations

Alt+Shift+Cursor keys Select vertical block. It doesn't work when division of words is on.
Shift+Cursor keys Select block
Ctrl+K -> Ctrl+I Shift block right
Ctrl+K -> Ctrl+U Shift block left
Ctrl-A Select all text
Shift-Ins, Ctrl-V Paste block from clipboard
Shift-Del, Ctrl-X Cut block
Ctrl-Ins, Ctrl-C Copy block to clipboard


Del Delete a char (or a block if it is selected)
Ctrl+Y Delete line
Ctrl+BackSpace Delete word left
Ctrl+T Delete word under the cursor
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