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View image

It's a most handy option of Frigate. If you deal with pictures often you'll appreciate it. Using it you can easily view a collection of pictures, photos, other images in a thumbnail view or full screened. Frigate supports the following extensions: BMP,JPG, JPEG, ICO, TIF, TIFF, PNG, WMF, EMF, PCX, TGA, GIF

You can view images in several ways:
Thumbnail View
Thumbnail view
  Quick view
Quick view
  Fill screen
Full screen
or with the help of the external viewer that is associated with the file format (double click on the file mane).

Thumbnail view

Use this mode if you need to view a big number of images all at once. They will be shown on the opposite panel as thumbnails. Here you can view BMP, JPEG, GIF (including Gif animation), PCX, ICO, CUR, ANI files.

Thumbnail view

To launch Thumbnail view select ╠anager\Thumbnail view or press Ctrl+T. The image of the current file is marked blue. You can choose the size of the thumbnails in the toolbar. They can be 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 96x96, 128x128, 256x256. To see the image full screened make a double click.

Quick View

To view the images on the opposite panel select the file and press Ctrl+Q. Using Frigate you can rotate the picture +\- 90 degrees. For this make right button click on the picture and select the rotatio in the appeared menu.

Full screen

To view a picture full screened select the file and press F3.

Left Arrow/Right Arrow - Previous\Next file.
Space/BackSpace - Next\Previous file.
Up Arrow/Down Arrow - Rotate the picture 90% anticlockwise\clockwise.
Esc - Close this mode and put the cursor on the first picture.
Enter - Close the mode and put the cursor on the current picture.

When the picture is full screened there will appear a toolbar in the upper part of the window.


  • Locate - Close the file and put the cursor on it in the list of files
  • Full screen - Switch from the full page mode to the full screen mode. When you press this button again the picture will be full paged.
  • slides - Launch Slide show.
  • <-/-> - Show the previous/ next picture.
  • magnifying glass - Magnify some part of the picture.
  • 100% - Real size - 100%
  • Ajust - Ajust the picture to Frigate's panel size.
  • Toolbar - Hide\show the toolbar
  • Edit - Edit brightness, contrast, and colour spectrum of the picture.
  • Select - Select the picture in the file panel and go to the next one.
  • Rotate to the left - Rotate the picture 90% anticlockwise. Click again to undo rotation. Frigate saves the rotated picture automatically.
  • Rotate to the right - Rotate the picture 90% clockwise. Click again to undo rotation. Frigate saves the rotated picture automatically.
  • Rotate 180 - Rotate the picture 180%. Click again to undo rotation. Frigate saves the rotated picture automatically.
  • File
    • Save as
    • Copy
    • Move
    • Delete
    • Set as wallpaper
    • Restore wallpaper
    • Copy to the clipboard

Slide show

View the content of the folder as a slide show in full screen mode. Enter the folder with images and select Utilities\Slide show.
  • Timeout - The time of the show (seconds).
  • Include subfolders - Check this checkbox if you want to view subfolders with images too.
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