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Control center - File manager

File manager

  • Quick Search - Select the key that will open Quick Search window (Single Alt, single Ctrl or any letter).
  • Default popup menu - Define which popup menu (Frigate or Explorer) will be shown when you press right mouse button on file panel. If you also press Ctrl the other menu will appear.
  • Selection - invert folders - choose (Gray * or Ctrl+Gray * ) to select folders selection.
  • Sorting - Set the way of sorting files and folders.
  • Right mouse button select file - Check this box if you want to select files by right mouse button.
  • Calculate size on selection - Frigate will calculate the size of the file when you select it. If this checkbox is not checked you can learn the file size by F3.
  • Background - Select the image that will be background in your file manager.
  • Tile - Tile the background with the image.

File manager - Report view


Here you can do the following settings:

  • Show column lines
  • Show extensions
  • Show file icons
  • Show extensions tightly
  • Extension right aligned
  • Data format

File manager - List view


  • Show extensions
  • Show extensions tightly
  • Extensions right aligned
  • Show file icons

    Calculate columns count - Friagte calculates the number of columns on the assumption of the most length of the file. You can set the certain amount of the columns. In this case those names that are too long will be cut.

File manager - Navigation


  • Distinguish right and left Ctrl - If the left Ctrl box is checked you navigate on the left disk bar.
  • Manage disks on each panel - Check this checkbox if you want to see disk bar on each panel
  • Manage navigation on each panel - Check ths checkbox if you want navigation panel to be oneach panel of the file manager.
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