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Tune text editor



  • Use tab character - When you press Tab there appeares tab symbol in the text (if this checkbox is not checked there will appear blanks in the text).
  • Smart tab - When you press Tab the cursor goes to the position of the first non-blank in the previous line.
  • Backspace unindents - delet autoindent of the keys Backspace
  • Show line numbers - Show line numbers
  • Show line numbers on gutter - Line numbers on the left groove
  • Group undo - Undo the last group of changes by Ctrl+Z or select Undo option.
  • Cursor beyond EOF - Cursor beyond end of file.
  • Cursor beyond EOL - Cursor beyond end of line.
  • Selection beyond EOL - Selection beyond end of line.
  • Default word wrap - By default the mode of division of word is on.
  • Auto indent mode - When you press Enter the indent will be as in the previous line.
  • Persistent blocks - The selected block keeps the selection till a new one is selected (even if the cursor is out).
  • Overwrite blocks - Overwrites the selected block with the text from the clipboard.
  • Double click line - Color marking of the whole line by a double click on any symbol.
  • Find text at cursor - If the box is checked the word that is near cursor is put to the find and replace dialog.
  • Select found text - Turn on\off the selection of the found text. If this option is off the found text is highlighted.
  • Force cut and copy enabled - Allows to cut and copy even if the text is not selected.
  • Use syntax highlight - Turn on\off syntax highlighting.
  • Overwrite cursor as blocks - Overwrite cursor as a block.
  • Disable dragging - Disable drag&drop option.
  • Block indent - Defines the autoindent for moving selected block. (Select the block, Ctrl+K, then Ctrl+I (to the right) or Ctrl+U (to the left)).
  • Tab stops - The size of the tab in the screen font symbols.
  • Key mapping - Choose the layout for the text editor (by default, Classic, Brief, Epsilon, Visual Studio).


Here you can set the outlook of the editor.

Options - Display

  • Editor margin - Set the right margin
    • Visible - Show\hide the right margin
    • Width - The width of the right margin
    • Color - The color of the right margin
    • Style - The style of the right margin
    • Position - The position of the right margin
  • Editor gutter - Set the left gutter
    • Visible - Show\hide the left gutter
    • Width - The width of the gutter
    • Color - The color of the gutter
    • Style - Style of the gutter
    • Line number - Line number color
  • Editor font - Choose the editor font
    • Size - font size
    • Color - font color
  • Use dos font for Dos code page - Use dos font for Dos code page.
  • Use Special Symbols - Show\hide special symbols
    • EOF - Set the symbol for EOF
    • EOL - Set the symbol for EOL
    • Space - Set the symbol for the blank space
    • Tab - Set the symbol for the tab


Here you can set the editor background.

Options - Backgroound

  • Background picture - here you can select a bmp picture that will be the background in the editor
  • Background mode - choose the background mode here
  • Gradient color - choose the start and finish colors which are used for horizontal or vertical gradient

Syntax schemes

Here you can set the current syntax scheme.

Options - Syntax

File types

Here you can see all the syntax schemes of Frigate. There are file extensions and code by default for each of them here.

Example: Scheme - HTML, file extension - asp; html; htm; shtm, code by default - Win.

Option - file types

  • Extensions - Here you can add or remove the extensions to which the current syntax scheme is applied.
  • Default code type - Choose the code by default (Win, Unicode, Dos, Koi8)


Here you can set the editor templates, which is an extremely useful opportunity.

Example: When you use HTML you often need <font class=menu></font>. Put it into template "m". Then in the text editor press m,Ctrl+J and "m" is replace by a template. If you press Ctrl+J there will appear a list of templates and you can choose the necessary one.

Options - templates

  • Name - Short template name. If you type it in the editor and press Ctrl+J, it is replaced by the template.
  • Description - Description of the template.
  • Code - Text of the template.
  • Add - Add a new template.
  • Edit - Edit the current template.
  • Delete - Delete the current template.


Method navigator (Alt+M) is a handy tool for navigating through methods and procedures. There is a buil-in support for Pascal, Ini, CSS in Frigate, For all the others there is simple setting. Here you can set the words for different functions, procedures and other logic blocks.

Example: Procedure, Function, Trigger, Table, View for MS SQL. function for PHP.

Options - advanced

  • Add - Add a new navigation word.
  • Edit - Edit the current navigation word.
  • Delete - Delete the current navigation word.
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