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    File Viewer Feature and File Viewer Windows Explained

Frigate3 file manager offers a feature you won't find in the standard Windows Explorer. Its ability to view and edit files without launching their native applications simplifies the process of searching for the file you've created on your PC's operational system or network. Usually, to see the file's content you would have to open each file in its native application (be it Notepad, Word for Windows or Macromedia Fireworks), view it, then close the application and move to the next file. It's a painstaking, time-consuming and frustrating process. Not with Frigate!

The file viewer feature offered by Frigate3 means that any file is easily opened in one of the file viewer windows as soon as you click on its name in the main screen using a left button of your mouse. Any file type can be assigned any file viewer window in the file manager preferences. If you double-click on the file name, the file will open in the native application.

The file viewer windows include:

Text Viewer / Editor - for files like .txt, .ini, .wri - particularly any text-based file, except source code files, which will launch in the source code viewer. Files can be edited by this viewer, and the number of editing features will surpass your expectations.

Browser window / HTML Viewer - This one supports most web page types (html/htm, asp, cgi, etc.) including frames. No Java support as yet.

Image Viewer / Editor - supports .bmp, .cur, .dib, .emf, .gif, .ico, .jpeg, .jpg, .pbm, .pcx, .pgm, .png, .ppm, .rle, .tga, .tif, .tiff and .wmf types. Graphics slide show and a thumbnail viewer are also available, and you can edit your images inside the Frigate window.

Source Code Viewer / Editor - The color syntax-defined window. Supports the following types of source code files: HTML, Perl, C, Java, Pascal, Python, SQL and Visual Basic.

Multimedia Viewers - The full-featured players for multimedia files such as .aif, .au, .avi, .mid, .midi, .mpeg, .mpg, .rmi and .wav.

Binary/Hex Code Viewer / Editor - Ever wondered what's inside an .exe file? Now you can find out.

Word and Excel Viewers - View Word and Excel documents of any complexity level. No need to actually launch Word or Excel.

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