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    Frigate 3 as a Replacement for Windows Explorer

Are you satisfied with the interface that standard Windows Explorer provides? Aren't you missing the two-panel Norton-like interface? Have you ever felt like you needed more features or more reliability in their implementation than Windows Explorer provides? In other words, have you ever sought a good replacement for the standard file explorer bundled with Microsoft Windows?

Explorer Replacement

Frigate 3 is a powerful file manager with numerous features that far exceed the abilities of a standard file explorer, so we recommend it as a possible Windows Explorer replacement. It works under all versions of Windows environments starting from Windows 2000, provides good tools for web designers, web developers and standalone application developers, such as syntax-defined code editors for HTML and various programming languages, powerful image viewer and other file viewers, reliable FTP-client, built-in CD burner and many more. It has a two-panel user interface, which is a proven solution preferred by the majority of users of file explorer applications. All this makes Frigate 3 much more than a replacement for Windows Explorer: Frigate 3 is an advanced piece of software combining a conveniently affordable price with all the benefits you look for in a good, modern file explorer.

Loved by its users and popular among online communities in many different countries (if geography matters when we speak about the online world), Frigate 3 is a dynamically developed software, continuously growing and all the time being improved according to users' feedback. The authors of the software consider it a very important part of their work - to stay in contact with the users of their product and make sure it meets all their requirements. If you think Frigate 3 needs an additional feature or a usability improvement, you can write to the authors or post your suggestion in the support forum. You will never be ignored.

Would you ever receive so much personal attention from the authors of Windows Explorer?


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