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User menu

User menu Menu depends on what are you doing. For example when you are viewing a file Mode is added. If you are editing files Mode and Find are added. Working with html files you will see Tags. Frigate user menu is a flexible thing so that you could work with utmost convenience.


- Launch active tasks (more)
- Launch Queue manager (more)
- Ńopy selected files or folders (more)
- Ńreate shortcuts for selected files and\or folders
- Dublicate the selected file or folder
- Move selected files or folders (more)
- Rename selected file or folder
- Delete to the recycle bin selected files and\or folders
- Delete selected files or\and folders (more)
- Rename group of files or folders (more)
- Change file attributes (more)
- Pack selected files and\or folders (more)
- Pack selected files and\or folders to the opposite panel
- Unpack selected files or\and folders (more)
- Send selected file by email
- Exit Frigate


- View the current file
- Edit current file
- Work with clipboard
- Work with command line
- Make new folder (more)
- Open find file dialog (more)
- Find the current file in the opposite panel
- Work with filters
- Open file comparison dialog
View - Use external viewer
- View as is
- View as video
- View as BDF file
- View as Access file
- View as Excel file
- View as HEX file (sexadecimal)
- View as HTML file
- View aas a pictere
- View as OLE object
- View as RTF file
- View as text
- Play as MP3
Edit Menu - Use external editor
- Edit as is
- Make new text file
- Edit as dbf file
- Edit aas excel file
- Edit as HEX file (sexadecimal)
- Edit as RTF file
- Edit as text
Clipboard - Copy file name to the clipboard
- Copy the path and file name to the clipboard
- Copy the names of all files and folders from the current panel to the clipboard
Command line
Command line - Activate command line
- Show previous command
- Put file name to command line
- Put the file name and the path to command line
- Put the current path from the left panel to command line
- Put the current path from the right panel to command line
- Clear history of the command line
Filter - Open filter dialog
- Filter on selected files
- Clear filter


- Change left drive
- Change right drive
- Refresh info about file panels
- Set the path on the left panel as it is on the right one
- Set the path on the right panel as it is on the left one
- Find computer in the web
- Show volume label
- Show info about disk (morå)
- Go to FTP sites list (more)
- Open quick FTP connect (more)


- Launch Smart Pad (more)
- Launch calculator(more)
- Launch internet browser (more)
- Launch SteartUp manager (more)
- Launch Tree Notes (morå)
- Launch Convert Image (more)
- Launch slide show (more)


Menu Ģanager
- Open new console (more)
- Īpen new file manager
- Īpen sync folders dialog (more)
- Ńompare the current files (more)
- Launch Quick view (more)
- Launch Size manager (more)
- Īpen thumbnail view (more)
- Ąctivate file manager


Menu Pages
- Close the current page
- Ńhange file panel
- Swap panels
- Hide left panel
- Hide right panel
- Go to the next page
- Go to the previous page
- Fullscreen Frigate


Menu Options
- Open Control center (more)
- Īpen extension setup dialog (more)
- Īpen color setup dialog (more)
- Īpen archives setup dialog (more)
- Save the current desktop


Menu Help
- Launch Frigate's help
- Go to the registration page
- Enter registration key
- Read tip of the day
- Go to the plugins page of Friagte site
- Learn the latest news about Frigate
- Send a bug report to the developers
- Info about the program


Menu Mode
- Turn on/off word devision mode
- Switch the mode: read only\ edit only
- Turn on/off file autorefresh
- Show/hide left gutter
- Show/hide right border
- Show/hide toolbar
- Turn on/off syntax check


Search Menu
- Īpen text search dialog
- Īpen text replace dialog
- Continue searching
- Go to the certain line
- Make the bookmark (there are 10 of them there)
- Go to the certain bookmark


Here you will find a list of most often used tags.

Ņags Menu
- Page preview
- Edit the current tag
- Show a tip for the current tag
- Insert hyperlink tag
- Insert picture tag
- Insert font tag
- Insert header tag (H1-H6)
- Insert list tag (Unordered list, ordered list, list item)
- Insert table tag (table, table row, table cell)
- Insert bold font tag
- Insert italic font tag
- Insert underline font tag
- Insert tag for making font bigger +1
- Insert tag for making font smaller -1
- Insert blockquote tag
- Insert line feed tag
- Insert center adjusting tag
- Insert comment tag
- Insert horizontal line tag
- Insert non-breaking space tag
- Insert paragraph tag
- Insert start tag
- Insert end tag

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